Rick Outen - QiResults
Rick Outen
Rick is a highly experienced aircraft-engineer manager, and has served 37 years in the Royal Air Force. He gained this experience and knowledge working at different levels of engineering maintenance across various platforms within military and civilian organisations both in the UK and overseas. Rick instructed at the Department of Specialist Ground Training at the Royal Air Force College teaching aircraft propulsion to post graduates. Rick’s final tour was with the Typhoon Test and Evaluation Squadron, where he was involved with the introduction of complex and advanced aircraft systems. His career within the Service provided him with a sound understanding and awareness of the difficulties and challenges associated and encountered within busy and demanding environments.

As a Specialist Associate of QiResults, Rick is a key member of the team responsible for data and information gathering and technical reviews. His measured and analytical approach to tasks ensures that the recommendations and guidance he provides is highly valued, each and every contribution is underpinned with sound knowledge, experience and a level-headed practicality.

Rick brings to QiResults a wealth of technical skills, senior leader experience, and project manager experience and qualifications. He is an extremely efficient organizer and planner, driven and adept at completing tasks to the highest standards. He is able to understand and adapt to change quickly and implement improvements with realized benefits and enhancements while acting as a mentor along the way and providing encouragement and advice.

Rick and his wife, Norma, live in their self-built home in Lincolnshire. They have two adult sons. Their four grandchildren provide an excellent source of entertainment and opportunities for lots of fun and adventures with never a quiet or dull moment.