‘Hard’ issues

  • Everybody knows that addressing ‘hard’ issues will deliver value and release resources so that businesses can do more with less.
  • Sorting out the ‘hard’ issues is where most organisations begin when looking for cost savings or new value.

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Soft issues - QiResults

‘Soft’ issues

  • Everybody knows that people are complex, and improving the ‘soft’ issues is time consuming and difficult.
  • But sorting out the ‘soft’ issues is how organisations achieve sustainable improvement.

Delivering improvement

  • We understand how to deliver improvement in the hard and soft issues at one and the same time.
  • ‘Culture’ can be understood as “the way we do things around here”, and is a mixture of both hard and soft things.
  • We have considerable experience of achieving whole enterprise alignment and embedding improvement philosophy in multiple-culture teams from across public, private, and third sectors, and from different organisational tribes.

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Understanding behaviours - Qi Results

Understanding behaviours

  • We understand behaviours, mindsets, and limiting cultural norms.
  • ‘Change’ can be understood as a shift of things. ‘Transformation’ can be understood as a shift of thinking.
  • Unless a shift of thinking is achieved, any benefit from a shift of things is unsustainable.
  • We have developed expertise in creating the conditions that achieve Transformation.

Sustainable results

  • We know how to take out waste in complex environments: of money, time, talent, ideas.
  • We know how to achieve the critical engagement of the whole organisation in the activity, in order to enable innovation, find new value and explore the art of the possible.
  • And we know how to align the systems and governance in the wider environment, in order to achieve sustainable results.

Sustainable results - QiResults