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  • Nobody has the perfect answer to a complex problem. Rather, only a ‘best’ solution can be achieved in the real world.
  • We have learned that gathering together squads of multi-disciplined and experienced professionals, who are also proven leaders, working as an independent team in support of those charged with solving a problem, is the optimum mechanism to deliver pragmatic improvements. Our integrated resource can temporarily augment yours.

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Pragmatic solutions

  • Practical problems require pragmatic solutions, and our experience over time in a wide range of environments has taught us how to deliver these.
  • We have a proven approach that enables whole enterprise transformation, a development we call The QiMatrix™
  • This is fresh thinking and an original contribution to knowledge.

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The QiMatrix™ offers a route to Transformation.

Change can be understood as a shift of one thing to another, transformation as a shift of thinking. Unless we achieve a shift of thinking, any benefit gained from a shift of things will not be sustained.

Source : Walker 2007

The challenge is to shift the culture of the enterprise and the mindset of the membership, in order to take out the fat and build up the muscle.

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The QiMatrix™ delivering real value…

The Hope™ Strategy is an integrated approach to the challenges of homelessness, worklessness and hopelessness at one and the same time.

It is designed to deliver homes and jobs to homeless and vulnerable people, economic independence to the third sector agencies that support them, savings to public sector authorities who guard and sustain them, investment opportunities to private sector entities who tolerate them, and by extension, value, to both local communities and society at large, by delivering a sustainable solution through wealth creation and a break in the cycle of benefits dependency.

QiResults - HOPE Strategy

HOPE™ Abstract

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QiResults - HOPE Strategy - proof of concept

HOPE™ ‘Proof of Concept’

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